We are team players with positive energy

Your success is motivation and inspiration for us

We are a team open to all challenges. We see our clients more as colleagues than partners. We are in a common cause and we realize that our success is directly dependent on the success of our clients. We are as creative people as we are businessmen, and we believe that this combination is the most important know-how to achieve the best results.


I am Marek Leffler

Colleagues convinced me that it was necessary to include a paragraph about me. But what to write here? My main inspiration for founding Designex was other marketing and creative agencies. I saw how they work and I knew exactly that I definitely never wanted to do it that way and that our agency simply had to be different.

And it seems to have worked. Two months after our establishment, we signed the first big contract with the Czech KFC, and then its history. We don't take every project, we don't take everyone. We want to be comprehensive, understand the thinking of clients and be part of them. We want to be colleagues who work together to advance and improve the client's brand. At the same time, we never forget that our success is directly proportional to the success of our clients.

We will kickstart your marketing communication to better results

Whether you need creative, production, media buying, or complete processing of marketing campaigns, we are here for you!